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 What Sets Aramat Pilates Studio Apart From The Rest?

As one McAllen’s first Pilates studio, we are passionate about sharing our Pilates expertise with you, and helping you learn how to move with intelligence, strength and agility.

Our Master Trainer, Bridget Castañeda is certified in all three levels of Power Pilates, allowing us to offer our services to all ages and abilities. Bridget was introduced into Pilates after a severe back injury in 1998, years after being a client herself she decided to get certified in system one under Power Pilates. In 2008, Aramat Pilates and Spa opened its doors in its first location on Dove Ave. in McAllen TX offering group Pilates. Two years later, after Bridget was certified on the second level under Power Pilates, it clicked that in order to provide the full benefits of what Joseph Pilates intended Pilates to be we moved to the present location where private classes and semi-private classes are being offered. Not only did the small semi-private groups allow students to become more aware and conscious of their movements, but it allowed the trainer to dedicate more time to each individual.

Recently, Bridget certified on system three under power Pilates, and through the years has done workshops including:

  • Prenatal and postnatal

  • Back injuries

  • Knee injuries

  • Neck injuries

  • Scoliosis



Member of the Power Pilates
Serving McAllen since 2008