Pilates Class Options

Introduction Class is required to join before booking your first Session - $45

Our exercise studio offers a variety of class options for you to choose from. Focusing on developing strength and mobility, these classes are:

Aramat Pilates and Spa

Private Session

Get specialized private workouts designed for your needs.

1 Session - $70

4 Sessions - $260

8 Sessions - $480

Aramat Pilates and Spa

Duet Session

Exceptionally tailored workouts for you and a friend.

1 Session - $95

4 Sessions - $360

8 Sessions - $680


Semi-Private Session

A small group of three to four clients, moving at a more dynamic pace.

4 Sessions - $120

8 Sessions - $200

12 Sessions - $300

What Benefits Does Pilates Have?

  • Burn Calories - Pilates complements the loss of body fat since it affects the work of the abdominals, buttocks, and hips.
  • Shape Your Figure - It defines our muscles while lengthening and hardening them.
  • Improve Your Posture - By improving the position of the abdomen, thorax, and shoulders, we correct our posture when sitting and standing.
  • Fight Stress - By forcing mental control over movement, balance, breathing, and strength, our brain suspends worry or anxiety.
  • Improve Breathing - The exercises are complemented by breathing to help relax the body and improve movement technique.
  • Increase Your Strength - Pilates increases and tones your muscles to achieve the functional physical shape of each one of them.

Get Fitness Levels Assessed Now

For new clients, we hold introduction classes to facilitate the assessment of fitness levels. Join our classes now and get started on Pilates.